Our Plants & Our Promise

Here at Full Bloom Nursery, we say we are the "Home of Happy Plants". This isn't just a catchy slogan, it is the heart of our business. When you order plants from us, you will receive big, healthy plants that have been well-cared for. You will never receive spindly unhealthy plants from us. We guarantee it. We're not just a middleman buying and then selling plants, we are a grower with years of experience. It starts with either cuttings we take ourselves or small rooted cuttings of patented plants that we purchase. Precise temperature, humidity, soil moisture and fertility must all be balanced and correct in order for the plants to thrive. 


The photo above is of a quart sized Butterfly Bush. The green fertilizer prills near the top of the soil are a time-release fertilizer with precise nutrient ratios that feeds the plant for months with no risk of burning. This fertilizer is expensive, but we use it in every plant to grow the absolute best quality possible. The roots are the most important part of the plant, and they should look like this.

Your plants will arrive fresh and ready to flourish in your garden. If there is ever any problem of any kind upon receiving your plants, just send us a few photos so we can see if the plants were damaged during transit (this is important because we must file a damage claim to the shipping company) and we will send you more plants.  

Here are a few Facebook reviews from satisfied customers:

Kathryn Dasher reviewed Full Bloom Nursery  5 star

I moved up to this area from South Georgia in the early spring of this year. I had no idea what to plant for this weather Zone nor what to do about deer. Kelly and her staff were extremely helpful. They spent a lot of time with me during many visits providing me with detailed education and guidance. My new yard went from bare naked to a lovely Paradise thanks to their advice and the exceptional quality of their plants. Thanks so much, y'all!

Lance Jackson reviewed Full Bloom Nursery  5 star
May 19, 2017

Great prices, great plant selection & extremely nice and helpful owners! My new favorite nursery to shop at!

Kathy Shaw Amos reviewed Full Bloom Nursery  5 star

I love Kellie and her staff. They are so knowledgeable and really enjoy helping their customers. The plant selection is the best! Beautiful and unusual color, great variety, healthy plants and often, cheaper than the big box stores.