The Next Chapter, by Kellie Bowen

Full Bloom Nursery is located on our farm where we raise cattle, ride horses, and get to watch our two grandsons ride, compete in horse shows & FFA and grow up in the country lifestyle. The nursery came into existence in 2003 when Tim and I decided to pursue a dream of building a "destination" nursery that was unlike anything else in our region of north Georgia. I have a life-long background in the horticulture business and literally grew up in my parents greenhouses.

Here at Full Bloom Nursery, we propagate and grow tens of thousands of plants that we sell to the public right from our retail location which is laid out like a peaceful, serene garden. Customers love to meander through the nursery and their first time here, they are surprised at the sheer amount of inventory that we have, both inside the greenhouses and outside in our shrub and tree areas. We invite anyone who happens to be visiting our area to stop in and check us out, no appointment necessary. 

As we have grown, we knew the next step was to take our business nation-wide by opening an online store. We understand that younger generations of people are shopping online and prefer the convenience of browsing the internet and purchasing things that are then delivered to their door.

We are fully committed to making everyones online purchasing experiences with us easy and enjoyable. We understand how to ship plants to your door without damage (except for those unforeseen times that the delivery driver decides to test the resilience of live plants).

We are excited to offer our happy, healthy plants to customers from all over the country. As you browse through our catalog of offerings, please know that these plants have been grown with love and no shortcuts are ever taken in the process. We use only the best fertilizers and we custom blend our own nutrient rich soil that is full of organic matter. This means that the plants you receive will have nice healthy roots and that is the foundation of every healthy plant. We guarantee it.

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